Aloha Everyone!

I feel so happy and blessed to be where I am at this moment in my life.  It’s been 8 years since the debut of my album Lilikoi and 4 years since I released my EP Misery’s end!  My how time flies!  I’ve been busy with family life and music.   Trying to find balance between the two is sometimes challenging.

My career has been a very exciting one thus far, I get to do the thing I love while traveling all over the world making new friends and fans.

I’ve had the honor of becoming friends with Jack Johnson, who discovered me while I was playing music at a park near his home.  Since then, he has been a tremendous supporter of my music.  We’ve worked together on various music projects starting with the Mana Maoli compilation CD Vol. III  where we contributed a song called ‘Country Road.’ Jack’s invited be to join him on Ziggy Marley‘s children’s album entitled “Family Time” for a track entitled ‘Cry, Cry, Cry’, together we wrote the lyrics to a song called ‘Give Voice’ for his drummer Adam Topol‘s band Culver City Dub Collective‘s album “Dos” and his own albums “To the Sea” and “En Concert.”   He even asked me to contribute an original track ‘Winter Swell Blues’ to his Holiday compilation, “This Warm December, a Brushfire Holiday Vol. 2.” Jack helped me to put out my EP “Misery’s End” which he asked Ziggy to be a part of for a Bob Marley original called ‘High Tide, Low Tide.’  READ MORE…